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U12 Development League Rules & Ethos

Please find below the rules and guidelines for the 2023 under-12 development league:

Waterford LGFA Go Games

  • Playing rules: A maximum of two touches of the ball – hop and solo or solo and solo.
  • Scoring rules: 1 point for a goal. 2 points for over the bar. Note: scores will not be recorded on the official website.
  • Team size: 13 a side (Minimum of 8 if both clubs agree)
  • Pitch size: 105m x 50m (Portable goals on both 21m lines)
  • 45’s / kick outs/Penalties: 45 are taken from the hand on the 45m line. Kick out are from the hand, 5m from the goal and players must be 10m away from the player taking the kick. NO Penalties in the development league, free to be awarded 10m from goal.
  • Game Duration: 4 x 10-minute quarters. Breaks one and three should be short interval breaks to facilitate substitutions. break two (half time) should be a five-minute break.
  • Game time: The under-12 development league is focused on development and enjoyment. All girls are to receive adequate game time. The guideline is a minimum of two quarters (20 minutes) game time for ALL girls.
  • Referee: The home team must organise the referee. Since the under-12 development league this year is focused around the Go Games policy and development, we encourage the coaches to arrange for a young whistler in your club to referee the matches. Before the match commences, the home team must ensure that the referee is aware of the playing rules and match duration as outlined above.

Code of Behaviour


  • Coaches should lead by example and never use unacceptable language towards a match official, a member of an opposing team, or to their own players
  • Emphasise with all players, regardless of age, that they should at all times respect their own fellow team members and their opponents
  • Players should at all times respect the decisions of match officials
  • Parents should show a good example to their children by respecting the team coaches and the decisions of match officials. Parents are asked to act in a supporting and not a criticising role from the side-lines.
  • Parents and coaches should also be careful to ensure that their actions via team messaging platforms must also reflect the values the LGFA represents.
  • Please be reminded that the objectives of the development league are for the girls to enjoy football, to develop their skills, and to grow in confidence as players. We all have a responsibility to ensure the season is an enjoyable experience for players, young whistlers, coaches, and parents.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at development.waterford@lgfa.ie.

Download: U12 GO Games Resource

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