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Ladies Gaelic Football RefereeUseful Documents

Referee Appointments
The Fixtures Committee shall appoint referees for all games from Under 12 to Adult. It is the responsibility of home club to appoint referees for Go Games.

Contacting the Referee
All Clubs must contact the referee at least 48 hours in advance of the fixture to confirm his/her availability. Referee details are circulated to all clubs. If the appointed referee is not available inform the referee’s coordinator immediately. Referees will be confirmed on the Waterford LGFA Web Site or by Fixture Committee Referee appointed by the fixtures committee: It is the responsibility of the Referee to ensure they send text results back to Servasport after all games. If there is a problem with the text, please text the game result to the relevant co-ordinator. It is recommended that each team checks the website to ensure that the correct result has been entered.

If Referee not appointed by the fixtures committee
It is the responsibility of the Home club to ensure they E-Mail the “Fixtures Committee” the final result back after all games or use the relevant agreed method of notification for that competition. If there is a problem with the result, please email the fixture committee the game result with observations.

Fixture Committee: fixtures.waterfordlgfa@gmail.com

Note: The Waterford LGFA Official Referee’s List is a compiled list of trained LGFA referees. If any other existing referees are interested been added to Referee’s List, they will need to complete LGFA Level 2 Refresher training. Contact the Referees Coordinator or email development.waterfordlgfa@gmail.com

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